Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love my lilttle garden!

When Seth,Lindsey and Lily came to Blythe for Thanksgiving I went with them to look for a house in Gilbert. We also went to Seth's Nursery and I bought plants for my little garden, with the help of a professional! I loved seeing him in action! You can tell he loves being a horticulturist!

Seth and Lindsey planted all the plants. It looked so nice! It is a low-maintenance garden. Thanks to Seth, with his knowledge. He knew the best flowers to plant and where to put them.

I wish I took a picture that day. It has grown since that day, and I weeded it and watering it. Then the rain came and I didn't even had to watering. Then I went to Texas for a week and all the weeds grew up in my little garden. I couldn't see my flowers in my little garden!!!! I was tired from my trip and no time to weed, because we were having a Moving Sale this week. So the weeds grow stronger and taller. Oh, no!!!

So, yesterday I finally tended to my little garden. I'll get a picture or two of my little garden today. I'll post them this evening.

Thanks Lindsey and mostly Seth!


Ashley said...

Someday when I have a yard you, Katie and Seth will have to come and help me plant a garden :)

I can't wait to see pictures

lindsey said...

I'm glad its all working out for you... seth wants to get the soil that he bought for you from blythe, he thinks its a really good soil. our garden is ok, but its too shady so its slow progress

Audra said...

It sounds like a sacranment meeting parable in the making. You plant and tend your garden, then go away on vacation (start going astray) and weeds (sin) take over your garden, zaps your will to do weed because it seems overwhelming (like not going to church, straying more) and all you have to do is weed (repent) and when you end up weeding (repenting) you ralize you were dreading it and it was not so bad and you have a beautiful garden again!