Monday, June 30, 2008

The Trip I Forgot

I made a trip in January-February! It feels that it was so long ago! I forget lot things, but I can't believe I forgot that!

One day in January, Christie called and asked if they could visit us in Blythe!!! I was so happy! Then she told me that she was driving from Pyote to Blythe with the girls (ages: 21 months, and 7 months) WITHOUT James. I told her she was crazy! Pyote to Blythe is 831 miles...11 hours and 51 minutes according to Goggle. I told I would drive and meet them somewhere between Pyote and Blythe. She knew she could do it, and I knew she could to it, too. But I still felt like going on a trip!
(Yeah, sure! I don't like driving that much, but I love my kids and their kids)

So onJanuary 25th, we met in Las Cruces, New Mexico, at the Vega family's house . I left my Astro in Elizabeth Vega's garage. We had a quick stop, changing diapers, letting Elizabeth (Blair) run around a little and Christie nursed Amelia. Elizabeth V. was a great hostess! It was great to see her, her sister Kady and a friend, Slyvan Scott who lived in Blythe for a time. After freshening up, we got in Christie's Caravan for the long trip to Blythe. *BTW, I like Dodge Caravans way more than Chevy Astros.

We thought we could drive to Blythe that night. When we hit Tuscan at sundown, we decided to get a room for the night (good decision)! Elizabeth was happy to play. It was fun to play with her and Amelia got Mommy time, which she needed! the girls got baths and put clean PJ's, we were ready for the night (especially Granny). Elizabeth and I slept in one bed, and Christie and Amelia got the other bed. We really needed that sleep! The rest of the trip was pretty good. I drove most of the time and Amelia was happy with her Mommy next to her! Eliazbeth was joyful , singing and talking most of the time! She was a champ!

We just hang out in the house mostly. Elizabeth had time to remember Granny, Grandpa, and Uncle Bryce! She loved the room to play inside and out! She loved the trampoline, the wagon, jsut running around outside. Amelia wasn't happy when Mommy wasn't close, but she tolerated Grandpa better than Granny, and Uncle Bryce didn't try! Christie got a few ittle breaks.
Then, Elizabeth got sick. It wasn't that bad, but it got worse. Even then, she was still happy most of the time.. Poor little girl! We decided to get Elizabeth home to see her doctor.

The trip to Las Cruces was good. We got a room (before ) and we had a lot of fun at the motel. We were prepared this time. We had dinner in the room; we had a fridge and microwave. We had time to play and bathe before going to bed. In the mornng we played again and after a great complimentary breakfast (fresh waffles, yogurt, fruits, eggs, bacon, toast, english muffins, muffins, pastry, milk, chocokate milk, juice cereal, did I forgot anything, Christie?) and the employees were so nice, telling to get some food for the road!), we got in our vans and we went to Walmart to find a gift for Elizabeth because it was her Birthday! (February 4th). After we said our good-byes, we went our ways. I only cried a little.

I had so much fun with Elizabeth even when she was sick, and seeing Amelia! Of course, I loved having Christie here for 10 days! And that is the last time I saw them, and I haven't seen James since Amelia was blessed in September. I'm happy that I will see them on July 16th!

Woo-hoo! I can't wait !!!!

Masonic Home Trip

I couldn't write it better than Pat wrote, so I will post some pictures of the trip.
Of course, I will make comments about the pictures!

I thought that would easy, but for a new blogger, it was hard, so the pictures aren't organized like I wanted. I worked much of the day, and I'm giving up...I have to go out of town for a Dr. app't tomorrow and then Wednesday we are going to Cortez. No more time....sorry, maybe the next blog with lots of pictures will better. BTW, Pat has a blog about the home, check it out if you haven't !

We met our hosts, Cliff and Ruth Carder

They were kind and knowledgable about the home.
We liked them from the get-go!

This is the dining room, set up for lunch!

A view of the bedroom....

and another view.

The ceramic room, there are several kilns and everything
you would need to create beautiful things!

A view of the kitchen, looking from the living room; I didn't get a good picture of the living room.

This is the BBQ is a huge area, with tables and room for bands and dancing, etc...

I would die for this exercise room! (there are more that you can't see)

All of grounds are beautiful, I really loved the roses!

This is one of the things I like...the details everywhere. This dog is in the rec room. The dog almost looks real!

The computer room.

There are 2 libraries, this one is a small one, but the books are packed in as you can see; and there are some large print.

The garden of Cliff and Ruth

One corner of the rec room....

This the weekly schedule...Wow, so many things to do and see!!

All of the grounds are clean and beautiful!
Well, that's's a great place! Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) can't wait to move there!
OK, if you want to make comments, scroll way down. I know why it happened, but I don't how to fix it. I'll ask one of my kids! They know everything!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sometimes I think my life is busy

ThEn I REaLizeEd ThAt mY LiFe is cRaZy!

January and February were calm.

March: the Coleman Family came to Blythe via Disneyland, then Lindsey and Lily came to Blythe, then the Wright Family came, too. It was a full house. We went to the Colorado River, the Fair (Uncle Bryce had a pig in the fair), played with racing cars, on the trampoline, marbleous, watched videos, had a party for Colin's 5th Birthday, we played with the the kids, some got sick , and I made stepping stones with Colin and Gabe. I got to see 5 of our grankids! It was great.

In April Bob and I went to Provo, Utah for Aaron's Graduation at BYU. Woo-hoo!!(Next: Law School) It was a short trip, but it was fun; I had 2 appointments with a doctor, we visited with Aaron and Jamie, we eat out, we shopped, we visited the Nuttall Family and Elder and Sister Berry met us at Colleen's house. We visited with Marie Jeppson, who lived close. We visited with Aunt Joyce on the way home. It was great!

May I flew to Chalrotte, North Carolina to see our new grandchildren; Yonas, Selamawit, and Yemane. I stayed with the Colemans, and I didn't tell Levi and Audra I was coming. I didn't tell Bobby and Sabina I was coming, either. It was fun to surprise them! On the 27th, Liam Jose Jeppson was born! I got to see him on his birthday! We had birthday parties for Lettie (4) and Salie (6). We went to the Botanical Gardens in Charlotte. We played on a long, huge slip-n-slide! I got to see 12 grandkids! It was great!

In June, I flew to Sacramento, then to UC Davis. Roy was graduating with his Phd. Woo-hoo! I walked 3 miles each day along the creek at UCD! It was beautiful walk! I played with Rae and Blaise, visited with Baerbel and Dale, I walked with Ashley, I helped pack and clean, we shopped, went to the Davis Farmers' Market, ate lots fresh yummy fruits, watching the grandkids on the ponies. We went to Ikea and Winco. We played in a city pool. I flew to Ontario, then stop to shop for groceries. It was great!

July: Bob and I are going to Monticello (temple and fishing) and Cortez (to see Claire) for 5 days. Bob has a conference in Phoenix and I may go with him (11th-12th). Then we will going to St. George on the 13th. Bryce is going to Dixie College and he has to go for orientation (2 day quick trip). Then on the 16th we will fly out to Charlotte for the first Bob and Linda Jeppson reunion. We will flew home on the 23rd! The whole family will be together! All 34 of us! It's gonna be the greatest! Then Bryce will pack up for High Adventure (July 28- August 1)in somewhere Utah, for a Cowboy Round-up! Sounds fun!

August: Dad has a conference in San Diego ( August 4-8) and I'm going with him. Dad went online and found stuff about Balboa Park and I will be going to museums, gardens, and concerts in the park... I can't wait! Then time to pack up for College. We(Bryce and Me) are going to BYU for Ed Week 18th-23. We are taking some girls from the ward too. We will sleep at Christie Nuttall (which was fun, having time with Christie)! After a week of learning and having fun, as we drive through St.George, I will open the door and push Bryce and say "Have a good semester, see ya!"

September: Maybe a trip to see the new Coleman baby boy! We'll see.

Now you know why I am Enjoying the Journey! Woo-hoo!

Friday, June 20, 2008

It's time...

to get a blog... I've been thinking to start blogging for a while. Then Meredith got one, and no, I am not a copycat, but she inspired me! So, Thanks, Meredith!

....and then, Christie tagged me, so I HAD to do it now!

5 things I did 10 years ago
1. Worrying about Levi's back (the whole year).
2. I was teaching Seminary.
3. I quit working at the Cafeteria.
4. I took Christie to BYU and helped find her first car.
5 . I sat in Levi's room at the hospital for his back surgery.

5 things on my list today (all done but the windows)
1. Put stuff reflecting material to windows to block some of the heat!
2. Unpack.
3. Catch up with the blogs.
4. Make dinner:) .Pat called and invited to her house for dinner...that was easy!
5. Find and order a new foot control for my serger.

5 favorite snacks/food
1. Melons (Bryce has a job in the sheds)
2. Cherries (Got some in Davis for 99 cents ...yum-yum...)
3. Tacos

4. Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sanwiches (2 points on WW)
5. Fat Free Fudgsicles (1 point on WW)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
(OK, I cheated, but Christie's list was almost perfect)
1.Let Bob quit his job yesterday!
2.Travel, tavel, travel...history, church history, family history...our list is quite long
3. Definitely have full time help inside and outside for the house we would buy
4. Plan really cool reunions
5. Help people, carefully, so as not to hurt them

5 bad habits
1.Whinning or is it whining?
2. Not supporting Bob with his rentals.
3. Starting projects then don't follow-up.
4. I hate to make dinner.

5. Sending gifts late.

5 places I have lived
1.Long Beach, CA
2.Torrance, CA
3.Blythe, CA (twice)
4.Grandview, ID
5.Bruneau, ID

5 people I tag
1. Jamie
2. James
3. Seth

4. Roy
5. Audra