Friday, August 1, 2008

Empty Nest Syndrome?

Bryce went to High Adventure this week. It was really quiet and I found that I will miss him when he goes to college (Dixie State...Go Rebels)!

Everyone asks me if I will cry when he goes to college....I probably won't cry, but I will be sad. He is a good kid, and I have fun with him. He has grown this year, and he is ready to fly the coop! I think that I am ready for him to go! But I will miss him!

I'll miss him talking to me about his day, hearing his music, his funny jokes and his friends. I will miss his strength; and not just his physical strength. He has strength in other ways. He is an example for his friends, and he has many. His friends include little kids, his peers and most adults. I like that he is comfortable with all ages. And the nieces and nephews love him!, too!
He's a good guy. If the bishop or YM president asks hime to help, whateverit is, he will do it without complaining. His friends know that he is there for them; help with homework, a ride, or a party at our house! Every time someone moves in or out, Bryce is there!
Bryce is strong inside. He knows what is right and he makes good choices. He knows who he is, even if he doesn't realize sometimes. He isn't perfect, but he's on the right road!
Yep, he is a good person. I like him. And I will miss him.... a lot, (and I might cry a little).


Katie said...

I like him too. It's always good to have him in our house.

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

We like him too and will miss him when he moves to Utah. Cameron and Faith love to tease him at church and have one "big" friend in the YM. He is a great kid (he's a Jeppson, he can't help it) and extremely helpful. Ray likes having another young kid around too. And yes Linda, you will cry but it's all good!

Ash said...

It'll be weird to go to Blythe for holidays and not have him there all the time!

Bob said...

It is official, he is gone. She did cry a little.

Ashley said...

You need to update :) Like, write about another grandchild - ahem - one of my kids! ;)