Sunday, October 5, 2008

Time to brag......Introducing......

...............JoViE LeIgH JePpsOn
Almost 2 years old!

She's a wild one!!! She thinks she is a big girl. Well, I think she's right!!!

Jovie talks like a big girl.
She takes care of her "baby" sister like a big girl.
Jovie can run, hop and jump like a big girl.
She makes decisions like a big girl! Even if Mommy said "NO"!

Jovie learns like a big girl. She loves to "read" books. She learned how to get in her crib and out again. She's a good climber. She likes to swim in the pool. She likes to jump on people, so watch !!

Jovie like to play with her sisters and brothers. She loves her Daddy and Mommy! And she loves her grandpas and her grandma!


Yep, Jovie is a cutie, and she is happy most of the time and she is going all day!!


Ashley said...

Man, I wish I could see them more often. She is quite a rascal!

Katie said...

Such a sweetie. I adore that girl.

lindsey said...

its sad i still fee like i dont really know those two girls

Audra & Levi said...

Oh... thanks Granny! I love my little Jovie too! She makes my laugh! This morning she got out of her crib and was sitting on her floor "reading" a Clifford book! She did not come to see me first or anything. She really is a big girl!

And Lindsey, I wish you knew them better! They are HILARIOUS! They are the cutest pair and they do the funniest things together... though running in opposite directions down the sidewalk at the bus stop this morning was not so hilarious!