Monday, December 1, 2008

On the Road to LA

This is Bob. I'm posting for Linda. We drove into Los Angeles today to see a Doctor that has a promising experimental treatment for PPA. He works out of the UCLA Medical Clinic in Westwood. The afternoon was filled with a consultation and some blood work. The Dr. is going on a 3 week vacation beginning Friday, so we asked him to expedite his evaluation and begin treatment as soon as possible. He agreed to start his evaluation tomorrow. He also scheduled a PET C-T on the brain for Wednesday. We came to LA planning to only spend the day not three days. So we drove home (arriving at 11 PM) and we will drive back tomorrow, prepared to stay as long as it takes. This may become a weekly ritual. This place is only a couple of miles from the LA Temple, so we will be spending some time there.

Of course we are very hopeful. If you want to see the Dr.'s website go to

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Ashley said...

Thanks for the update. Weekly drives into LA doesn't sound fun, but at least it is for such a good reason. Keep us updated!