Sunday, February 15, 2009

Short PPA Update

The new medicine made my feet and legs swell (and hot and red). Bye-bye, Nifedipine!

We will try the shots again. It's the dose thing. Dr Maier asked me to wait to get the Enbrel out of my system and then try a smaller dose.

I know that the Enbrel helped at the beginning, so I'll try to be patient.


Katie said...

Sorry to hear about the medication! Hope you can figure something out. Love you.

Christie said...

Mom, the medicine that you had a reaction to is what I was on to stop labor with Amelia. My side effects went away after a few days, though.
Have you tried the Melatonin? If not, you'll have to give it a try when you come, since we've already got a ton on hand.