Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What can I say?

1.Lily came to our house on Feb 5. They got there at nine-ish. Lily warmed up to us quickly. She is so sweet, fun and funny!!! The next morning left to LA for my shots. It was raining. We were planning to shop for Bryce's mission but between the rain and the traffic, we didn't have time to shop. We shopped after the Dr. appointment. We went to Aaron and Jamie's apt for dinner then we drove to Paul's house. Lori and Cori weren't there, but Paul and Bob had a good visit.

2.On the 7th, I, Bob, Bryce, Aaron, Jamie, Lindsey, Seth and Ray went to the New Port Beach California Temple. It was a wonderful time. I love my family! Bryce isn't my baby. Wow!

3.My PPA is not getting better; I think the Enbrel shots aren't working. The doctor thinks that we have to find the right dose, but I don't know. I had 7 shots...they told us that most patients find the dose after 3 shots. We are trying a different medicine, along with the Enbrel. I won't tell you the details. We'll see.

2. Bob is very busy. The school district is a mess, financially (and in other ways ,too). It is stressful. One of the ideas to cut people is to offer a retirement deal; maybe Bob will give an offer! He might retire this July!

3. We are getting ready to fix the apartment to sell them. We have two bums who decided to not give us any rent this month so they can find a new apartment. Bob gave notices to leave. Now he has to take them to court. BUMS!!!

4. Bob is busy with the new house. Loans, escrow, etc....and I can't help. Escrow is Feb 17.

5. We are busy getting rid of STUFF! We are having a yard sale, March 7. It is mostly me doing the work, and I am glad that I can help. I enjoy it!

6. I am going to Christie's to help pack and clean...ect. and I will drive with them to Gainsville. I'm excited about that! I leave Phoenix to Midland on Feb. 23, and fly back from Dallas to Phoenix. I will hanging out with Lily in Gilbert; maybe Lindsey and Seth can have a date.

7.Oh, BTW here is their address: 95 W. San Remo St. Gilbert, AZ 85233

8. Bryce got a job at the church farm. He does whatever they do! Sometimes in the office but mostly in the fields, counting haystacks. He helped the full time missionaries (senior couple) built a shed for the farm, and he worked at the farm pool. He also goes home teaching with two men and he goes on splits with the missionaries. He is reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. He taught the Elders' Quorum lesson. He's good.

Well, that is random and it took only 3 hours. Sigh....


Ashley said...

Thanks for the update! I was just about to call Lindsey for their address, now I don't have to.

I'd glad you are able to go and help Christie and James - I'm sure they REALLY appreciate that!

Good luck with the new medicine :/

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Ashley~ the medicine was bad luck...it made my feet and legs hot, red and swelling. Bye-bye med!

Mike Kessler said...

Wow, that was a big update. No wonder it took you three hours! Our prayers are with you on finding a medication that helps -- you're never far from our thoughts. I've always admired your straightforwardness and your strong backbone. I'm sure they are serving you well now.

On a side note -- you mentioned the Newport Beach Temple. Buckley and I went to the reception for Cori and Jaxon's wedding a few years ago, and found that there were still tours of the Temple going on prior to its dedication. We went on one, and the Newport Beach Temple is magnificent! I feel so fortunate to have been able to understand a little more.