Sunday, October 5, 2008

Did your noticed my blog's new name?

General Conference was great!!! I loved, loved, loved President Monson's talk!!!! (Sunday afternoon)

BTW, his talk was for me!!!

And check out Elder Wirthlin's talk, it made me laugh! (Saturday afternoon)

In fact, there were so many talks for me.

I was inspired to change my blog to "Enjoy the Journey" ....and it sounds better.



Ashley said...

We went to the church for the Sunday afternoon session and ended up leaving a little early because Blaise was having a huge meltdown and was exhausted because he didn't take a nap. Anyway, so I missed Monson's talk...I'll have to catch it sometime today.

mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

I totally agree with you, this was an awesome conference. There was a definite "theme" going on, especially Saturday- "don't be discouraged". The talks were real pep talks to help us through this rough economic time. There is no doubt that these wonderful brethren are inspired. Of course, being there made a huge impression on me. I agree with you Linda, Pres. Monson's talk about finding joy in the journey and Elder Bednar's gratitude prayers were both meant for me.

Katie said...

Pat, I also loved Elder Bednar's talk. We are trying hard now to set the tone in the morning with solid prayers.

Mom, as soon as President Monson said that I thought of you. Actually, so many of the talks made me think of you because of how well you handles your trials.

I was cracking up during Elder Wirthlin's.

I can't tell you how much I loved conference.

Audra & Levi said...

I really enjoyed it too! Going to church is not an option with all the kids (sorry, it is just not going to happen for us at this point in our life), so I listened to it on the computer as I folded WEEKS worth of laundry and I loved it! Ended up getting cut off by something during the Sunday Evening talks, so I will have to catch that one! I do like the new blog title!