Monday, October 13, 2008


I had a nasty cough for 2 1/2 weeks and it isn't getting any better. I thought I would get over it before we went to Fullerton and Covina. I had to call to cancel on Friday. We didn't want anyone to get it! I stayed in the house on Saturday and I ditched after Sacrament Meeting (but I went back to church after Relief Meeting for a meeting about the Trunk 'N Treat). It was that bad.

I always say that I never get sick. I got a cold last fall/winter. And now I am sick this year. I can't say that any more.

I even went to the Doctor today. He listened my lungs and said "I think you have pneumonia." So I got two X-rays. Luckily, my lungs are clear. I got some narcotic cough suppressant and some antibiotic pills with many warnings. If you know me, I really looked long to decide if I wanted to use the meds. I read all of pages of info. Which makes me worry.

Now, there is a chance that Bryce might get a ride to Blythe Oct.17-18. If he doesn't come, we still want to see Aaron and Jamie, plus my parents. I really want to be healthy soon. So, I guess I'm going to use the meds. I such hate all the side effects and warnings. I don't trust doctors, in fact, the Dr. today didn't any questions about other meds I might using (none: but he didn't know). And he never tells the side effects or warnings....I think the Doctor should at least tell what the medicines are and why he is prescribing the medicines.

Does anyone thinks like me!?


lindsey said...

i hate taking antibiotics because then when you really need them half of them don't work, then again if it is an infection it can keep it from getting more serious. now the cough meds i feel differently about because if you aren't sleeping well because of your cough then your body can't heal itself and codeine (which is what is usually in cough meds) will help you sleep really well. codeine also suppresses coughs. i would take it just at night to sleep, if it is effecting that.

Ashley said...

When I was pregnant with Blaise I got a nasty cold and of course couldn't take anything. Actually, there were medicines that were "okay" but I don't like the idea of putting the baby at any risk. Anyway, I had to do a lot of natural remedies, which included using steam to help clear out my chest, lots of fluids and lots of really good food and rest. I do suggest taking a medicine at night if you are having trouble sleeping. And you can always start the antibiotics later if you are not getting any better.

Blaise had an ear infection but I just let it get better on its own. He was pretty sick for a week and a half, but he got better on his own and i didn't have to use the antibiotic. Anyway, I don't really know what you should do. You have been sick for quite a while, so maybe your body just can't heal itself without some help. Hmmm, I dunno.

Oh, one more thing, Christmas of 05 I had a really really bad cough and I ended up bruising or cracking a rib from coughing so hard. So even after the cough was gone I had so much pain from the rib. Wow, long comment.

Katie said...

I know how you feel mom. I don't have much trust for Dr's either - but you know your body and it seems like it just isn't getting better.

Audra & Levi said...

I am all about the narcotics... haha! I have some good stuff that will not only knock your cough, but also YOU out cold! It is a major pain medicine that I had filled and then decided to wean myself off of. The doctor said it was good for coughs. So aparently in general narcotics are good for coughs. I say you fought it long enough... time to take the meds and get better.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...
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Mike Kessler said...

Buckley and I both got that multi-week cough, too! Did you get a stomach thing as well, or just the cough? We got both at about the same time so I don't know if they're related. We're on week three.