Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sometimes I think my life is busy

ThEn I REaLizeEd ThAt mY LiFe is cRaZy!

January and February were calm.

March: the Coleman Family came to Blythe via Disneyland, then Lindsey and Lily came to Blythe, then the Wright Family came, too. It was a full house. We went to the Colorado River, the Fair (Uncle Bryce had a pig in the fair), played with racing cars, on the trampoline, marbleous, watched videos, had a party for Colin's 5th Birthday, we played with the the kids, some got sick , and I made stepping stones with Colin and Gabe. I got to see 5 of our grankids! It was great.

In April Bob and I went to Provo, Utah for Aaron's Graduation at BYU. Woo-hoo!!(Next: Law School) It was a short trip, but it was fun; I had 2 appointments with a doctor, we visited with Aaron and Jamie, we eat out, we shopped, we visited the Nuttall Family and Elder and Sister Berry met us at Colleen's house. We visited with Marie Jeppson, who lived close. We visited with Aunt Joyce on the way home. It was great!

May I flew to Chalrotte, North Carolina to see our new grandchildren; Yonas, Selamawit, and Yemane. I stayed with the Colemans, and I didn't tell Levi and Audra I was coming. I didn't tell Bobby and Sabina I was coming, either. It was fun to surprise them! On the 27th, Liam Jose Jeppson was born! I got to see him on his birthday! We had birthday parties for Lettie (4) and Salie (6). We went to the Botanical Gardens in Charlotte. We played on a long, huge slip-n-slide! I got to see 12 grandkids! It was great!

In June, I flew to Sacramento, then to UC Davis. Roy was graduating with his Phd. Woo-hoo! I walked 3 miles each day along the creek at UCD! It was beautiful walk! I played with Rae and Blaise, visited with Baerbel and Dale, I walked with Ashley, I helped pack and clean, we shopped, went to the Davis Farmers' Market, ate lots fresh yummy fruits, watching the grandkids on the ponies. We went to Ikea and Winco. We played in a city pool. I flew to Ontario, then stop to shop for groceries. It was great!

July: Bob and I are going to Monticello (temple and fishing) and Cortez (to see Claire) for 5 days. Bob has a conference in Phoenix and I may go with him (11th-12th). Then we will going to St. George on the 13th. Bryce is going to Dixie College and he has to go for orientation (2 day quick trip). Then on the 16th we will fly out to Charlotte for the first Bob and Linda Jeppson reunion. We will flew home on the 23rd! The whole family will be together! All 34 of us! It's gonna be the greatest! Then Bryce will pack up for High Adventure (July 28- August 1)in somewhere Utah, for a Cowboy Round-up! Sounds fun!

August: Dad has a conference in San Diego ( August 4-8) and I'm going with him. Dad went online and found stuff about Balboa Park and I will be going to museums, gardens, and concerts in the park... I can't wait! Then time to pack up for College. We(Bryce and Me) are going to BYU for Ed Week 18th-23. We are taking some girls from the ward too. We will sleep at Christie Nuttall (which was fun, having time with Christie)! After a week of learning and having fun, as we drive through St.George, I will open the door and push Bryce and say "Have a good semester, see ya!"

September: Maybe a trip to see the new Coleman baby boy! We'll see.

Now you know why I am Enjoying the Journey! Woo-hoo!


Ash said...

Made me tired to read it! We appreciate all the effort you put into seeing your family!

Bob said...
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Bob said...

Hey toots, the Conference in San Diego is August 4-8. Ahh San Diego in August.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

The calendar says the San Diego Conference is in July 28-31....Oh, I know...you told me it was the week of High Adventure, but you forget to tell me that the High Adventure to August 4-8! Ah...San Diego...more like OUT of Blythe in August! Bliss!

boltons said...

Linda- I don't know how to do this but I have started a blog too, can you post it so all your kids (and Danielle) can check it out? How do you let people know you have a blog? it is at boltons-onedayatatime.blogspot.com (I hope I got it right)
Thanks, Pat

Katie said...

Yes, your life is CRAZY. It looks even crazier in writing. You must really love us (or at least our cute kids)!

Jones Family said...

You sure do love your kids! WOW you are busy! Sounds like you will have lots of fun though! I am glad you got a blog! LOVE YOU LOTS