Friday, June 20, 2008

It's time...

to get a blog... I've been thinking to start blogging for a while. Then Meredith got one, and no, I am not a copycat, but she inspired me! So, Thanks, Meredith!

....and then, Christie tagged me, so I HAD to do it now!

5 things I did 10 years ago
1. Worrying about Levi's back (the whole year).
2. I was teaching Seminary.
3. I quit working at the Cafeteria.
4. I took Christie to BYU and helped find her first car.
5 . I sat in Levi's room at the hospital for his back surgery.

5 things on my list today (all done but the windows)
1. Put stuff reflecting material to windows to block some of the heat!
2. Unpack.
3. Catch up with the blogs.
4. Make dinner:) .Pat called and invited to her house for dinner...that was easy!
5. Find and order a new foot control for my serger.

5 favorite snacks/food
1. Melons (Bryce has a job in the sheds)
2. Cherries (Got some in Davis for 99 cents ...yum-yum...)
3. Tacos

4. Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sanwiches (2 points on WW)
5. Fat Free Fudgsicles (1 point on WW)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire
(OK, I cheated, but Christie's list was almost perfect)
1.Let Bob quit his job yesterday!
2.Travel, tavel, travel...history, church history, family history...our list is quite long
3. Definitely have full time help inside and outside for the house we would buy
4. Plan really cool reunions
5. Help people, carefully, so as not to hurt them

5 bad habits
1.Whinning or is it whining?
2. Not supporting Bob with his rentals.
3. Starting projects then don't follow-up.
4. I hate to make dinner.

5. Sending gifts late.

5 places I have lived
1.Long Beach, CA
2.Torrance, CA
3.Blythe, CA (twice)
4.Grandview, ID
5.Bruneau, ID

5 people I tag
1. Jamie
2. James
3. Seth

4. Roy
5. Audra


Christie said...

Yay! And i get the first comment! So glad you jumped on the bandwagon!

Ash said...

Yay mom! Now I want you to post some of the nice pictures you have on your camera! :)

Meredith said...

welcome linda! yay for us 1st generationers!
glad i'm not the only one that has pretty much lost the desire to make dinner---maybe cooking for 30 years kinda takes it out of ya? i still like to cook---but certainly not everyday!

Katie said...

Hi mom! We had corn-dogs and fries for dinner last night for dinner - that is how low my desire is lately.

Stephanie said...

At least you send the gifts, even if they're late! So many times, I have the best of intentions on baby gifts and they never get given!