Monday, June 30, 2008

Masonic Home Trip

I couldn't write it better than Pat wrote, so I will post some pictures of the trip.
Of course, I will make comments about the pictures!

I thought that would easy, but for a new blogger, it was hard, so the pictures aren't organized like I wanted. I worked much of the day, and I'm giving up...I have to go out of town for a Dr. app't tomorrow and then Wednesday we are going to Cortez. No more time....sorry, maybe the next blog with lots of pictures will better. BTW, Pat has a blog about the home, check it out if you haven't !

We met our hosts, Cliff and Ruth Carder

They were kind and knowledgable about the home.
We liked them from the get-go!

This is the dining room, set up for lunch!

A view of the bedroom....

and another view.

The ceramic room, there are several kilns and everything
you would need to create beautiful things!

A view of the kitchen, looking from the living room; I didn't get a good picture of the living room.

This is the BBQ is a huge area, with tables and room for bands and dancing, etc...

I would die for this exercise room! (there are more that you can't see)

All of grounds are beautiful, I really loved the roses!

This is one of the things I like...the details everywhere. This dog is in the rec room. The dog almost looks real!

The computer room.

There are 2 libraries, this one is a small one, but the books are packed in as you can see; and there are some large print.

The garden of Cliff and Ruth

One corner of the rec room....

This the weekly schedule...Wow, so many things to do and see!!

All of the grounds are clean and beautiful!
Well, that's's a great place! Mom and Dad (Grandma and Grandpa) can't wait to move there!
OK, if you want to make comments, scroll way down. I know why it happened, but I don't how to fix it. I'll ask one of my kids! They know everything!


mom and grandma of BOLTON BUNCH said...

Linda, the pictures are great. Have a fun trip to Cortez

Ash said...

Man, I want to live there! Getting pictures on your blog the way you want them to be is kind of tricky. When you are at Katie's house have her show you how to do it, she's good at it.

Christie said...

I think Katie needs to give me a lesson, too.

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

I learned a little, but I need to learn a lot more. Katie, how about a lesson during the reunion after the kids are sleeping?

Linda, Mom and Granny said...

Did you notice that I that I edited it again?